PRM began life back in the late 1960's as part of a muilti national company called Alex Harvey Industries most commonly known as "AHI".

    The company was one of three plastic moulding divisions which included Rotational Moulding, Blow Moulding and Injection Moulding.

    In 1983 the Rotational Moulding side was seperated and sold to former manager of the operation, George Redshaw and his wife Judy.

    The company was then renamed Plastic Rotational Moulding and later adopted the shorter name version of PRM.

    Andrew Ross was bought into the company and then within the first two years of the new company, George passed away leaving Judy and Andrew in charge.

    The decision was made very early on to continue the bussiness and it was not long before Judy and Andrew became business partners.

    Andrew was employed as General Manager and is still employed in that role with Geoffrey Challice as the Production Manager. Geoff is still employed in this role after more than 25 years service to the company.

    Aaron Bannister was bought into the company in 2004 with the main objective of being involved in a sucession plan to take PRM into the future with the approach of continuing to offer a high level of service and quality as had been done previously.

    Having started "on the floor" after serving a cabinet making apprenticeship Aaron now has the job of learning Rotational Moulding industry knowledge as well as looking after sales and the general operation of the factory.

    With good advice, good customers and reliable staff, PRM continues to be successful and all those involved have experienced the rewards of running a well managed business.

    The companies main focus has been to service custom moulding requirements and still has the same focus today.

    During the company history, a number of other businesses have been formed using the concept of Rotational Moulding including the set up of 4 moulding facilities in the Pacific Islands.

    The most successful partnership formed is with Mouldings Unlimited in Ashhurst formally known as Ashhurst Rota Plastics.

    A partnership between PRM and Barry Robson continued for 15 years before Barrys shares were sold to the new business partner, Gary King and the company MUL was formed.

    Gary King has extensive knowledge of the plastics industry as well as market expertise that was seen as an asset in having him as part of the new team to deal with the everchanging challenges that remaining successful in business brings.

    A third factory has recently been added to the group with a small operation in Ashburton alongside another company called Rotowiper which is owned and operated by Dougal Lamont.

    PRM and Dougal have become partners and we look forward to growing the business to accomodate our customers in the South Island.

    Dougal brings vast experience and knowledge of the Agricultural Industry that covers New Zealand. 

    PRM provides moulding solutions for a wide variety of customers. Three manufacturing facilities ensures cost effective distribution across New Zealand.

    As custom moulders our role is to work with product designers and mould makers to ensure your concept is turned into reality with speed. We then mould the product in the polymer best suited for the finish quality and strength performance required, and our central location ensures cost effective distribution across the country.

    Our key point of differentiation is a deep understanding of our client’s requirements and offering solutions to their problems. With our moulding experience, knowledge of plastics, and devotion to quality we have developed a strong position in the market from which to grow our and your business from.